Sustainable Jewellery Brand Hathorway and Their Commitment To Ethical Practices

Sustainable Jewellery Brand Hathorway and Their Commitment To Ethical Practices

With a strong commitment towards sustainable materials, Hathorway jewellery is crafted by using genuine horns from water buffalos. Hathorway uses buffalo horns as the primary material because it is a by-product of waste, a chemical free process, an organic material, and produces a one-of-a-kind piece. While all the horns are sourced, and created in Vietnam, Jessica designs and assembles them herself in California to ensure the highest quality.


The big question that comes forth is, are water buffalos harmed or killed in the process of making these pieces? Rest assured, the answer is an absolute No. It is a fair question to ask, as many relate this back to rhino or elephant tusks and animals being poached for their beautiful horns. Sadly, this is still relevant in today’s consumer trade, that is why it is so important to research into the brands you are supporting and checking out the manufacturing practices.

In Vietnam water buffaloes are respected and considered very important animals used widely in the agricultural industry to provide milk, assist in farming duties, and useful transport. It isn’t until the animal dies, that the horns are then repurposed and ethically harvested to carve into a variety of jewellery. The horn is purely a by-product of the water buffalo, and the other parts are used for meat and leather goods, leaving zero waste behind. As a sign of appreciation to the buffalo, nothing of the creature is wasted. Even crushed horn powder is used as fertiliser for their farms, which not only provides vegetables for people but meals for other water buffalos. These methods have been used for hundreds of years in Vietnam and across South-eastern Asian countries. Buffalo horns are then commonly used to make handicrafts and homeware goods.

From sourcing the materials, to the industrial process, Hathorway wanted to make the creation of their goods with as little harm to the environment as possible. That is why they’ve chosen to have the items made by hand from an artesian family, with no chemicals, at their family run village – not inside a factory.

We honour this company for what they provide to the fashion industry. Not only do they produce effortlessly chic, stylish one off pieces, but they do it a conscious way that is helping our planet.

Horn jewellery is simply an environmentally-friendly creation and process and we fortunately stock these beautiful pieces here for you at Poshie and Snitch.

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