Intro to Poshie & Snitch

Intro to Poshie & Snitch

Poshie & Snitch Welcomes You! To outdoor living, in ethical style.

We are branching out of the ordinary and bringing you the extraordinary when it comes to filling your outdoor living space with the finest quality goods. 

  • We empower culture. 
  • We believe in supporting ethical and fair trade.
  • We seek to inspire others on their journey to creating a sustainable living environment. 

Poshie and Snitch is a homewares and accessories store, focused primarily on outdoor living. We are working to repair our planet while making a difference in peoples’ lives by supporting and educating on ethical consumerism practices.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Poshie and Snitch work directly with skilled artisans from remote rural areas to city centres around the world. The one of a kind pieces we bring to you are ethically sourced from global fair trade artisans and businesses, and your purchase is a vitally important part of the fair trade cycle. We hope that you can see and feel the thought that has gone into the inspiring pieces and that you honour their journey by continuing to cherish them.

We believe by supporting ethical and fair trade, you’re contributing to meaningful opportunities for our artisans and helping the movement towards greater equality, sustainability, and positive change. We believe that well-made and lasting products, don’t have to come at the expense of makers or our planet. Through working with creators who share our mindset and educating our community about making more mindful choices, our goal is to help create a better present and future for all.

Here on the site you’ll find an abundance of special handmade goods. To begin with we will focusing on our signature designed outdoor cushions, and as time goes on we will expand to include beach accessories, outdoor candles, swimwear and picnic accessories. 

P & S founder Monique Brunel  - mother, interior designer and homewares guru is passionate about sharing her vision and knowledge towards helping others understand the importance of where are goods come from.

“Even though my background has always been about creating perfect spaces for clients, I have made a conscious shift in my approach to home décor and design. I believe our homes have the ability to tell a beautiful story. By simply adding comfort, sustainability, traditional practices, love and style through the goods you purchase can make a huge difference. Following these values, you will now find me sourcing goods that fill your home with love, whilst keeping our planet earth at the forefront.” MB 

Not only will you find delightful outdoor living pieces, Poshie and Snitch will also be a place to inspire positive lifestyle changes, showing you ways to live more sustainably and promoting awareness around our consumerism practices. 

We can’t thank you enough for joining us on this journey and we are grateful everyday for the opportunity to create a space that connects individuals celebrating our social responsibility and helping our earth thrive.