How to use natural wheat bags and eye pillows

How to use natural wheat bags and eye pillows

An old-time favourite and staple for personal wellbeing and relaxation, wheat bags are popular for treating sore muscles, relieving aches and pains, and providing cosy warmth when you need it most. Like a hot water bottle, but with added benefits, wheat bags are natural heat packs that provide therapeutic pain relief and relaxing warmth.

Wheat bags can come in many shapes, sizes, and designs but usually consist of a pouch containing wheat grain (which retains and evenly distributes both heat and cool and has great insulation) as well as a comfortable cover for the bag.

Two popular types of wheat bags include the larger heat pack suitable for deep relaxation and pain relief, and smaller eye pillows, usually used in meditation, to reduce eye puffiness, and to relieve headaches. While larger wheat bags are effective for cramps and providing extra warmth, eye pillows are effective for blocking out light and soothing eye or head tension.


Why natural wheat bags are best

We love natural wheat bags over hot water bottles for many reasons, including:

  • You won’t get any water leakage with wheat bags, which can sometimes happen with hot water bottles.
  • You won’t get that plastic or rubbery smell. Rather, you can add nice essential oils like lavender for the added relaxing benefits.
  • There is additional comfort and flexibility with wheat bags, as you can wrap them around your shoulders and other muscles, which can be a bit tricky with hot water bottles.
  • With handmade wheat bags such as those by Blasta Henriet, it’s easier to know who made them, where they’re made, and what they’re made from. If you love ethical and sustainable products, wheat bags can be a clear winner.

    Overall, natural wheat bags can provide more comfort than the average hot water bottle and can be more transparent when it comes to sourcing and production.


    Why we love Blasta Henriet’s wheat bags

    Blasta Henriet is a UK-based business making sustainable and durable wheat bags, eye pillows, and more. Their wheat bags are made in the UK from plain linen and unscented wheat kernels. Founded in 2017, Blasta Henriet has grown into a popular brand stocking their wellbeing collection worldwide, including here at Poshie and Snitch!

    Blasta Henriet’s Ethics & Sustainability

    Blasta Henriet’s wheat bags and eye pillows are made from sustainably grown linen flax and Cotswold wheat. All their materials are natural and are certified free from chemicals and harmful dyes by OEKO-TEX®. Their fabric is sourced directly from the mill in Lithuania and sent to the UK. There, the rest of the production takes place, including fabric printing, stitching, label making, and the production of their FSC certified recycled packaging.  The brand prides themselves on their transparent and traceable supply chain, which allows them to oversee all production and create a minimal carbon footprint.

    We love Blasta Henriet’s ethos and transparency when it comes to the design and production of their products. Their wheat bags and eye pillows are truly made mindfully. You can read more about Blasta Henriet’s supply chain and sustainability here.


    How to use natural wheat heat packs and eye pillows

    Choosing the type

    How do you know what size wheat bag to choose? We’d absolutely recommend investing in both a smaller eye pillow and a larger wheat bag for optimum relaxation and benefits. However, if you’re choosing between the two, there are a few key things to consider.

    If you’re looking for:

    • Pain relief over joints or large muscles like your shoulders
    • Menstrual cramp relief
    • Extra warmth at night

      Then a larger wheat heat bag might be best for you.

      If you’re looking for:

      • Reduced eye puffiness
      • Headache relief
      • Something to block out the light while you go to sleep, practice yoga, or meditate
      • Deep relaxation during sleep, yoga, or meditation
      • Relief for tired eyes

        Then an eye pillow might be best for you.


        No matter what size wheat bag you choose, they can both be heated in the microwave or in a conventional oven. To keep the wheat hydrated and to prevent it from burning, make sure to either sprinkle the bag with water or place a small heatproof container filled with water with your bag as it heats.


        Did you know that you can use your wheat bags cold? This can help with headaches, muscle pain, or swelling. You can either keep your wheat bag in the freezer for long term storage and freshness or freeze it in a container for a minimum of an hour.

        For full instructions on heating, cooling, washing, and scenting your wheat bag as well as important safety measures, visit the Blasta Henriet care page here.


        Where to buy natural wheat bags

        Here at Poshie and Snitch, we stock natural and sustainable wheat bags and eye pillows made by Blasta Henriet. We ship both locally here in New Zealand and internationally. Check out our range below!

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